Monographien aus dem Deutschen Institut für Japanstudien

Krebs, Gerhard (ed.)

Japan und Preußen (Japan and Prussia)


In the nineteenth century, a time of political modernization, Japan took Prussia as a model in various realms inviting Prussian specialists from several fields to Japan as advisors. Because they were so successful, the Japanese were soon labelled the "Prussians of East Asia". The aim ot this collection is to trace the long-lasting influence of the Prussian model on Japan, while at the same time tracing the image of Japan in Germany.

The Prussian model becomes particularly visible in the creation of the state and the establishment of a modern army in Japan. In both these areas, step by step, Prussia took over France's role extant since the 1870s. Especially important was the decision to render the general staff completely independent from the government making it possible for the military to intervene in politics. The German authoritarian form of state was also considered worth imitating while the Anglo-Saxon countries served as models in marine, technology, and economy. As a counterpart to Japan's interest in Prussia, Germany also developed an interest in the Far Eastern country, visible for example in the development of Japanese Studies, first and foremost in Berlin.



Krebs, Gerhard
Japan und Preußen. Zur Einführung (Japan and Prussia. An Introduction)

Nakai, Akio
Das japanische Preußen-Bild in historischer Perspektive (The Japanese Image of Prussia in Historical Perspective)

Lee, Eun-Jeung
"Konfuzianischer Idealstaat". Konfuzianismusrezeption in der deutschen Frühaufklärung ("A Confucian Ideal State". The Reception of Confucianism in Germany's Early Enlightenment)

Zöllner, Reinhard
Die preußische Japan-Rezeption bis Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts (Prussian Perceptions of Japan until the Mid-Nineteenth Century)

Martin, Bernd
Die preußische Ostasien-Expedition und der Vertrag über Freundschaft, Handel und Schiffahrt mit Japan (24. Januar 1861) (The Prussian East Asia Expedition and the Treaty on Friendship, Trade, and Navigation with Japan (24 January 1861))

Wattenberg, Ulrich
Die Iwakura-Mission in Preußen (The Iwakura Mission in Prussia)

Krebs, Gerhard
Japan und die preußische Armee (Japan and the Prussian Army)

Brochlos, Astrid
Das Seminar für Orientalische Sprachen an der Berliner Universität und die japanbezogene Lehre (The Institute of Oriental Languages at the University of Berlin and the Teaching of Japan-Related Subjects)

Ando, Junko
Japan und die Preußische Verfassung (Japan and the Prussian Constitution)

Röhl, Wilhelm
Die Einflüsse des deutschen Rechts auf Japan (The Influence of German Law on Japan)

Becker, Bert
Der preußische Jurist Georg Michaelis in Japan (1885-1889) (The Prussian Lawyer Georg Michaelis in Japan (1885-1889))

Mehl, Margaret
Japan und die preußisch-deutsche Geschichtswissenschaft (Japan and Prussian/German Historiography)

Walravens, Hartmut
Kunstbeziehungen zwischen Preußen und Japan (Prussian-Japanese Relations in the Field of Art)

Wippich, Rolf-Harald
Die deutsche Missionstätigkeit in Meiji-Japan (German Missionary Activities in Meiji Japan)

Rauck, Michael
Preußisch-japanische Beziehungen auf wirtschaftlich-industriellem Gebiet (Prussian-Japanese Relations in the Economic-Industrial Field)

Möller, Jörg
Japan und das preußische Erziehungswesen (Japan and the Prussian Education System)

Horiuchi, Masaaki
Die Beziehungen der Berliner Baufirma Ende & Böckmann zu Japan (The Relationship between the Berlin Construction Company Ende & Böckmann and Japan)

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