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André Spindler

Japanese Studies
(PhD Students, April 1, 2009 - July 31, 2009)

  • Japan´s Foreign Policy
  • Human Rights
  • Political Corruption in Japan
  • Territorial Conflicts

Dissertation Project

Human Rights in Japanese Foreign Policy from 1982 to 2008

The increasingly globally shared perception of human rights norms has influenced agency behavior in different countries.
Thinking about human rights in Japanese foreign diplomacy, the question about the impact of human rights on Japanese Foreign Policy is coming up. Do human rights play a major role or are they completely irrelevant to Japanese diplomacy? The truth is somewhere in between. This research attempts to identify cases of human rights violations causing changes in Japanese Foreign Policy as well as cases of human rights violations without any affects on Japanese foreign diplomacy. This, for instance, involves questions about appropriate behavior concerning development aid given to countries known for human rights violations or Peacekeeping Operations and the deployment of Japanese Self Defense Forces in the name of the protection of human rights.

Based on the concept of Social Constructivism in International Relations different countries and cases are examined to describe general patterns of Japanese Foreign Policy.