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Gudrun Franzen

Gudrun Franzen

Gudrun Franzen
Japanese Studies, Economics
(PhD Students, May 1, 2011 - April 30, 2012)
  • Japanese economic policies, in particular for economic growth and stability since the Bubble Economy
  • Public economics, fiscal policy and the public budget system in Japan

Dissertation project

Working title: „Efficiency and equality? Income distribution effects of Japanese economic stabilization policy measures”

The objective of my research is to analyze the changing dynamics of growth and equality in contemporary Japanese politics and economy as mirrored in the economic stabilization policy measures conducted after the Bubble Economy until today in Japan. The main focus will be a qualitative analysis of the adoption and implementation of the Japanese economic stabilization policy by the Japanese central and local governments since the 1990s regarding the process and contents of specific economic stabilization policy measures. A key aspect of my research is to identify whether the implemented stabilization measures target allocative efficiency or distributive equality and how these two aspects are intertwined with each other in Japanese economic policies. Accompanied by the media the Japanese public demands on the one hand effective use of public finances and the promotion of growth, but simultaneously socially responsible stabilization measures. How do the political agents embed this claim into the adoption of the stabilization policy? How is the content of the economic stabilization measures determined by political factors in the central or local government? Can there be identified a trade-off between efficiency and equality of economic stabilization policy measures? To pursue the objective of my dissertation I intend to conduct interviews on the central and local governmental level as well as to collect and analyze central and local budget account data regarding the implementation and content of economic stabilization policy measures during my research period in Japan.