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Lisa Mundt

Japanese Studies, Dramatics
(PhD Students, June 1, 2010 - October 31, 2010)
  • Contemporary Japanese theatre and performace
  • Contemporary dramatic literature
  • Theatre and urbanity


PhD thesis

The Politicisation of the Stage. Innovative Approaches in Contemporary Japanese Theatre (working title).

Since the mid-1990s there has been a constant development towards the examination of the relation between the individual and society in the works of japanese theatre troupes. As a result, theatre has established an alternative to consumer-oriented pop culture (i.e. manga, anime, video games, cosplay), enthusiastically followed by a heterogenous and young audience. Following the 1960s` avantgarde movement, theatre today can obviously still get a hold of the youth by discussing critical and political topics.

This PhD thesis examines these sociocritical and political issues being put on stage as well as utopian visions and innovative aesthetical appproaches. The focus is on Tokyo-based independent theatre troupes and their young aspiring playwrights who are considered to be the driving force behind recent trends in contemporary theatre.

Methodically, this thesis is based on an interdisciplinary approach, combining japanese/cultural studies and dramatics/performance studies, and brings into question the political potential of theatre today.