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Nadine Burgschweiger

Japanese Studies/Law
(PhD Students, May 1, 2007 - December 31, 2007)

  • Japan’s foreign trade policy
  • international trade law
  • theories of economic integration

Abstract of the research project
working title: “Preferential trade agreements in East Asia and Japan’s free trade policy“
Amid the ongoing ratification of preferential trade agreements, economic integration in East Asia is gaining momentum. In the wake of the recent suspension of multilateral trade liberalization talks within the World Trade Organization (WTO), bilateral deals have even more risen to prominence. This research project is intended to analyze how the process affects the traditionally close-knit trade relations between the East Asian nations and how Japan as its leading economy responses to the trend. The study will also focus on the scope of the growing number of economic partnership agreements (EPAs), which not only involve the liberalization of trade in goods, but also cover the opening up of the services and investment sectors.