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Nicole Marion Mueller

Nicole Marion Mueller
Sociology of Literature, Cultural Sociology, Digital Humanities
Since October 2023

Profile on ORCID

I joined the DIJ as a Senior Research Fellow in October 2023; my research is part of the cluster “Digital Transformation – Discourses, Strategies and Processes”.

I hold a double master’s degree in Japanese Language and Intercultural Japanese Studies from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and Keio University Tokyo since 2016. After that, I obtained my PhD in March 2023 with a digital corpus analysis of Japanese Thomas Mann translations at Martin Luther University. For this project, I received funding from DAAD, Haniel Foundation, JSPS, and TIFO, which allowed me to work on my project as a guest researcher at Keio University in 2017/18 and in 2022.

At the DIJ, my main research interest is the cultural and social contextualization of future narratives and the instrumentalization of science fiction literature by Japanese technology corporations, which I approach with special regard to the emerging technologies of Extended Reality (XR). My approach is based on the science and technology studies (STS) concept of Future Imaginaries as well as on a combination of innovative approaches toward quantitative, qualitative, and multimodal corpora analyses which were developed within a digital humanities framework.

Current DIJ Projects

Japan’s Future Imaginaries of Extended Reality

Text, Image, Context and MMR: Observations and reflections regarding digitally augmented Cultural Sociology

Thomas Mann’s reception in Japan between cultural heteronomy and emancipatory impulses

Recent Publications

Müller, Nicole (2024). "日本の『トーニオ・クレーガー』再翻訳の時代的変遷 : デジタル分析、関係的翻訳分析を通じて (Japanese Retranslation of ‘Tonio Kröger’ and its Historical Change, assessed through Digitally Augmented Relational Analysis)". 日本語と日本語教育 (Nihongo to Nihongo Kyōiku), 52 (pp. 133-156). LINK