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Yufei Zhou

Yufei Zhou
History of East Asian Social Sciences
(Researchers, April 15, 2019 - February 28, 2022)

Yufei Zhou has received her doctorate from Osaka University after studying Modern German Literature and European Art History in Beijing and Augsburg. In her dissertation research she puts the Marxist discourse over the Asiatic Societies in a transnational context and explores the personal and intellectual interconnectedness of leftwing intellectuals in East Asia to the contemporary European social movements and social thoughts. Under research program “Streams of Knowledge: Processes of Entanglement and Disentanglement in the Pacific Area” carried out cooperatively by MWS institutes, she is currently working on the research project “The Conceptualization of ‘Capitalism’ in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth- Century East Asia”.
Main research interests include the history of social sciences in modern East Asia, conceptual history (Begriffsgeschichte), global intellectual history.

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The Making of Modern Social Sciences in East Asia - Concepts, Agents and Transnational Networks