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Autumn 2021

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Welcome to the Autumn 2021 issue!
The Tokyo Olympics are now history. What is their legacy? Nothing but enormous debts, the expansion of the pandemic, and numerous scandals? Surely the sporting successes, the enthusiasm of the athletes, and hopeful signs of inclusion and diversity during the Games will also be remembered. Nonetheless, Tokyo 2020 could not save Prime Minister Suga's job. Both Germany and Japan will have to get used to new political personnel, including new leaders of their respective governments. And even here at the DIJ we get to welcome new colleagues: Celia Spoden and David M. Malitz have joined us as senior research fellows in September. We introduce them to you in a Newsletter-exclusive interview. Also in this issue: a selection of current news about our research and publication activities and a new contribution to our Catchword series, this time on 'silence'.
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With best wishes for a golden autumn,
Torsten Weber

New Publications – Gerade erschienen – 新刊

2021.8 CJ_33_2_COVER

Cover © Taylor & Francis

New Issue of Contemporary Japan
The latest issue CJ 33 (2) is now available online and in print. It features original research articles exploring crime prevention (bōhan) in Japan (Schimkowsky), media representations of the Imperial family (Anzai), and the role of satirical depictions of Japan in Victorian British cartoons (Matthewson). Also in this issue: Invited Commentary on Imperial Japan’s expansionist ambitions (Krebs) and eight book reviews of important publications in the fields of philosophy, history, anthropology, gender, food, and religion.
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book cover Okada Toshiki 03 05 2021 geilhorn

Cover © Performance Research Books

New Book on Japanese Theatre
Playwright and director Okada Toshiki is one of the most prominent voices in contemporary Japanese theatre. Okada Toshiki & Japanese Theatre (Performance Research Books 2021), co-edited by DIJ researcher Barbara Geilhorn, Peter Eckersall, Andreas Regelsberger, and Cody Poulton, explores Okada’s work and its global importance to the development of contemporary performance. It comprises twelve chapters, including "Reflections on Precarity and Emotional Fulfillment in Everyday Life in the Theatre of Okada Toshiki" by Barbara Geilhorn, as well as documents, translations, and an interview with Okada.
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2021 rethinking locality cover hj sg

Cover © Routledge

Edited Volume explores the Local in Japan
Rethinking Locality in Japan (Routledge 2021), edited by Sonja Ganseforth and Hanno Jentzsch, examines broader political and socio-economic shifts in Japan – including demographic change, administrative and electoral reform, revitalization and rural decline – through the window of locality. DIJ researchers Isaac Gagné, Sonja Ganseforth, and Barbara Holthus (with W. Manzenreiter) as well as DIJ alumni Hanno Jentzsch (Vienna University) and Susanne Klien (Hokkaido University) have contributed chapters to this volume.
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Recent articles and book chapters by DIJ researchers include:

Upcoming Events – Kommende Veranstaltungen – 今後のイベント

digitization-4651797_1920 Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay

Image © Gerd Altmann

Web Forum Series 'Digital Transformation'
After two successful events on Knowledge Production in a Data Driven Society and on Governance in the Digital Age (see also below), our MWS Web Forum Series 'The Digital Transformation' continues in October with three events: Data Infrastructures and Open Science (Oct. 14), The Future of Society – National Ambitions and Strategies (Oct. 21), and Technological Revolutions in Historic Perspective (Oct. 28). The programme of this series is available on our website.
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Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 11-33-37 CFP Health Infrastructure and Asia’s Epidemiological Transitions Historical Perspectives [...]

Screenshot © NUS

Workshop on Health Infrastructures
The DIJ and the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore (NUS) will organize a workshop on 'Health Infrastructure and Asia’s Epidemiological Transitions: Historical Perspectives'. Its aim is to explore East and Southeast Asian experiences in crafting health infrastructures during the long twentieth century and to produce new ways of understanding the dynamics of health and disease under the processes of decolonization and development. The workshop will take place at NUS on April 13 and 14, 2022. The Call for Papers closes on October 31.
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Past Events – Vergangene Veranstaltungen – 最近のイベント

2021.9 workshop poster studying japan

Screenshot © DIJ

Studying Japan Workshop
This workshop brought together Japan experts from Free University Berlin, Fudan University (Shanghai), Osaka University, Teikyo University (Tokyo), and the DIJ to discuss how Japanese Studies are carried out abroad, and how global or international Japanese studies are developing in Japan. Among others, DIJ researcher Nora Kottmann gave a talk on her book Studying Japan, together with co-editor Cornelia Reiher. The event was organised and moderated by DIJ historian Yufei Zhou.
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Screenshot governance dt fw start

Screenshot © DIJ

Web Forum Series 'Digital Transformation'
The Max Weber Foundation Web Forum Series on 'The Digital Transformation' kicked off on September 23 with three presentations on 'Knowledge Production in a Data Driven Society' by Yoshiaki Fukami, Itty Abraham, and Nadin Heé. A recording of this event is available on our YouTube channel. One week later, the series' second event focused on 'Governance in the Digital Age' with presentations on gender-equality by Kaori Hayashi, healthcare by Melike Şahinol, and regulation by Franz Waldenberger.
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DIJ in the Media – In den Medien – メディアで知るDIJ

2021-07 bbc bh olympics

Screenshot © BBC

DIJ Expertise in International Media
During the Tokyo Olympics, DIJ director Franz Waldenberger (Tagesschau, DLF), deputy director Barbara Holthus (Al Jazeera, BBC, HR, DLF, AP) as well as principal researchers Sonja Ganseforth (Mainichi) and Torsten Weber (NZZ, FR, Weekendavisen, Merkur) appeared in international media with comments on economic, social, political, and historical aspects of the Games. Senior research fellow Markus Heckel's expertise on the Bank of Japan's monetary policy was quoted in Die Presse.

DIJ News – Aus dem DIJ – 研究所ニュース

david celia

Photos © private

New Research Fellows have joined the DIJ
In September, David M. Malitz (Modern History of Japan and Thailand, Global Studies) and Celia Spoden (Social Science, Bioethics) have joined the DIJ as senior research fellows. David has started his project ‘Health infrastructures, networks and diplomacy’ focusing on Japan and Southeast Asia. Celia's project 'The vision of an inclusive society and new social spaces free from physical and cognitive limitations' is part of the DIJ's research focus on Digital Transformation.
Read an interview with our new senior research fellows in English or German

Library News – Aus der Bibliothek – 図書室ニュース


Poster © International House Tokyo

Joint Exhibition 'World Heritage in Japan'
Japan is home to no less than 25 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Himeji Castle, Hiroshima Peace Memorial, and Mount Fuji. In this year’s joint autumn book exhibition, the International House of Japan Library, the Bibliothèque de la Maison franco-japonaise, and the DIJ’s library are displaying English, French, and German materials on Japan’s World Heritage sites. The exhibition is open until October 30. For further information, please contact each library.
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A3ポスター ドイツ兵が見た大分 大分県立美術館

Poster © Beppu University

DIJ Bandō Collection in Ōita and Online
Exhibits from the DIJ's Bandō Collection will be on display at the exhibition 'Ōita 100 years ago through the eyes of German prisoners of war' at Ōita Prefectural Art Museum (October 14-24) and at Beppu University (October 14- 30). They include photos taken by the POWs of their activities in the camp and their trips in the region. In September, Die Baracke, and Die Heimfahrt, newspapers written by POWs of the Bandō camp, became available in full-text English translation on the website bandobaracke.org. The translations are part of a memoirs project by First World War researchers David and Sheila Sutherland. Digitized originals from both publications can be accessed via our online Bandō Collection.
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Alumni News – Unsere Ehemaligen – アルムナイニュース

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 11-55-11 16th Meeting of GJSSS Online format + new deadline – GJSSS

Screenshot © GJSSS

CfP: Conference on Sustainable Societies
Former DIJ senior research fellow Carola Hommerich (2008-15) is co-organizer of the 16th Meeting of the German-Japanese Society for Social Sciences on the topic 'Sustainable Societies'. The meeting will take place online from March 2 to 4, 2022. The Call for Papers, which can be accessed on the GJSSS' website, closes on October 31. Since 2019, Carola has been Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Sophia University.
2021 sahin cover jap versicherungsgesetz

Cover © VVW

New Book Publication by Köksal Sahin
Our former PhD student Köksal Sahin (2013-14), an expert in Japanese insurance law, has published a German translation of the Japanese Insurance Act (hoken-hō). Das japanische Versicherungsgesetz in deutscher Sprache (Verlag Versicherungswirtschaft) explains the law's historical development and summarizes key aspects of the Japanese insurance practice. Köksal received his PhD in Japanese Law from FernUniversität Hagen and currently works as Manager in Legal Financial Services for KPMG Law in Frankfurt.
If you are part of the growing group of DIJ alumni and have recently published a book or have any other news to share with us, please contact us via newsletter@dijtokyo.org

Catchword – Aktueller Begriff – 流行語

2021 tw mokushoku

Photo © Torsten Weber

Mokushoku / Mokuyoku
The Corona pandemic has spawned a multitude of neologisms and fixed expressions that hardly any news report or conversation can do without. Many are related to avoiding an infection with the COVID-19 virus. While in Germany the talk is of 3G for “geimpft” (vaccinated), “getested” (tested), “genesen” (recovered), in Japan public discourse is dominated by the “three Cs” and “silence”. Today's Catchwords are recommendations to eat and bathe in silence.
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Social Media – Soziale Medien ソーシャルメディア

2021.10 youtube screenshot

Screenshot © DIJ

New on YouTube: DT, 3.11, and Olympics
Videos of the MWS Web Forum 'Knowledge Production in a Data Driven Society' and the VSJF Annual Conference 2021: Continuity and Change 10 years after 3.11, including a presentation by DIJ principal researcher Isaac Gagné, are now available on our YouTube channel. Also new on our Tokyo 2020 playlist: Barbara Holthus' interview with Al-Jazeera's Inside Story, discussing how much politics is involved in the Olympics.
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