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Jason U. Manosevitz

United Nations Peace Keeping Operations in East Timor (東ティモールのPKO)

2002年5月28日 / 7.00 P.M.

川上隆久, 外務省  国際平和協力室長

This study group session was a joint meeting with the Korea-Japan Study
Group (Organizer: Jason U. Manosevitz). It was held at the DIJ.
The meeting gave an overview of the United Nation Peace Keeping Operation in
East Timor, where Japanese and Korean troops are working closely together. This included
briefings on tasks of the two troops and how they cooperate with each other.
The discussion focused on the constraints on Japanese peace keeping missions
as well as on bilateral and pan-Asian cooperation.

Kawakami Takahisa is Director in the International Peace Cooperation
Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is an expert on Japan’s PKO
missions and has represented Japan at the United Nations.