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DIJ talk on data protection regulation in Japan and abroad

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In a digitalized world, the trans-border flow of data has become essential for trade and the exchange of services. But some protectionist trends are gaining ground at the international level, such as data localization. Japan is one of the convenors of the WTO e-commerce negotiations, and as a firm believer in the free market and multilateral trade, Japan has tried to export its own ideas internationally. This is why former prime minister Shinzo Abe coined the expression ‘Data Free Flow With Trust’: its objective is to ease the flow of data but with the necessary safeguards for cybersecurity, personal data, or intellectual property. This talk will assess Japan’s push for this concept at the international level, including its successes but also challenges. It will put it in relation with other relevant actors, such as the United States, the EU, and China. Details and registration here

Ana Gascón Marcén, University of Zaragoza