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Michael Prieler

Media Studies
(奨学生, 2008年3月1日 - 2009年2月28日)

  • Advertising
  • Media and Popular Culture
  • The Representation of „The Foreign“ in the Media
  • The Silver Market in Japan

Abstract of the research project “Advertising to the Silver Market in Japan”

Based on the current demographic shifts and the aging population in Japan, the so-called silver market is becoming more and more important for companies and also for advertising agencies. This project analyzes how far these developments can be seen (i.e., if there is increased/changed representation of elderly people) and in what ways elderly people are targeted in Japanese advertisements. In order to better understand this phenomenon, three main research approaches are employed: (1) A comparative content analysis of 1,500 TV commercials from 1997 and 2007, (2) Case studies of advertising campaigns of products targeted at the silver market, and (3) Interviews with advertising agencies.