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Moritz Ehlen

Japanese Studies/Sociology
(奨学生, 2011年3月1日 - 2011年11月29日)

Project Outline:

The primary target of this dissertation is to construct a graphical model of the Japanese society displaying the correlation of the social factors income & education and lifestyle (also referred to as „habitus“). The project is closely aligned to the work of PIERRE BOURDIEU dealing with the social positioning of individuals and their lifestyles in France.

The dissertation will focus on the geographical areas of Tokyo and Mishima / Shizuoka and shall include the investigation of the mentioned social factors (income & educational background) and their respective effect upon general lifestyle, personal values, political attitude etc.

Therefore, the key questions to be answered are for instance: What are the factors and social determinates for the consumption of certain goods such as newspapers or books? How and to what extent are political views and general personal views or attitudes generated by a persons social background? Are there any shared characteristics that would indicate or predict certain social and / or economic behaviour in other areas of life simply by investigating the individuals social background?