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International Journal of the Sociology of Language 200


2009, ISSN 0165-2516, Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin, New York, 211 p.



International Journal of the Sociology of Language 200

Social Aging and Language

International Journal of the Sociology of Language 200

In the age of rapid population ageing the entire social body is undergoing profound changes that leave few domains of life untouched. Language is no exception. The papers in this special issue shed some light on the linguistic aspects of social ageing in different environments, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, England and Scotland, Greece and Northern Cyprus, Malaysia, and Japan.


Poulios, Apostolos
Age categories as an argumentative resource in conflict talk: evidence from a Greek television reality show
pp. 189-208

Heinrich, Patrick
The politics of language and nationalism in modern Central Europe, by Tomasz Kamusella
pp. 209-211

International Journal of the Sociology of Language 200

Fishman, Joshua A.
Preface: commemorating the 200th issue of IJSL
pp. 1-3

ペート・バックハウス; フロリアン・クルマス
Introduction: aging and language

Dorian,Nancy C.
Age and speaker skills in receding languages: how far do community evaluations and linguists' evaluations agree?
pp. 11-26

Smith-Christmas, Cassandra; Smakman, Dick
Gaelic on the Isle of Skye: older speakers' identity in a language-shift situation
pp. 27-48

Menteşoğlu, Idil
Language choice and code switching of the elderly and the youth
pp. 49-74

Schmid, Monika S.; Keijzer, Merel
First language attrition and reversion among older migrants
pp. 83-102

Heinemann, Trine
Managing unavoidable conflicts in caretaking of the elderly: humor as a mitigating resource
pp. 103-128

Beyond stereotypes of old age: the discourse of elderly Japanese women
pp. 129-152

Gerstenberg, Annette
The multifaceted category of "generation": elderly French men and women talking about May '68
pp. 153-170

Ylänne, Virpi; Williams, Angie
Positioning age: focus group discussions about older people in TV advertising
pp. 171-188