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Workshop on concepts, agents, and global experiences of Fascism

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Beyond the cases of Italy and Nazi Germany, a variety of patterns of fascism and authoritarianism took shape as responses to the unprecedented economic slump and social unrest during the interwar period. However, mainstream studies of fascism still have their focus on European cases. By shedding light on regions that remain underrepresented in studies of fascism, this three-day online workshop aims to trace the border-transcending circulation of ideas and concepts derived from fascism and to grasp its transnational character. With the case studies zooming in on regions such as China, Japan, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Brazil, and Romania, this workshop showcases the large-scale border-crossing movement of concepts and explores the multi-layered intellectual inspirations of agents from various backgrounds. The workshop is organized by the DIJ in cooperation with the School of Humanities, Kwansei Gakuin University. Details and registration here