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Nora Kottmann chairs panel on “Diversity in Science”

© DWIH Tokyo

DIJ principal researcher Nora Kottmann will chair the panel discussion “Diversity in Science – How to Promote Inclusion & Empowerment in Japan” on October 19, online and at the OAG Hall in Tokyo. The event starts with a keynote speech by former DIJ advisory board member Kaori Hayashi (University of Tokyo) on turning her university into a global university. The panelists will then discuss how Japan can meet the challenges it faces when it comes to diversity: engaging people from different backgrounds (age, gender, nationality); making scientific careers more attractive for young researchers; attracting more international students again after the country’s closure during the pandemic. The event is jointly organised by the German Centre for Research and Innovation Tokyo (DWIH Tokyo) and the German East Asiatic Society (OAG). Details here