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Barbara Holthus comments on Japanese living abroad for Japan Times article

Screenshot Japan Times

According to a recent survey by the Japanese Foreign Ministry a record number of Japanese nationals (557.034) were living abroad as permanent residents in 2022. The figure has nearly doubled from 285.705 in 2002. International marriages, work-related postings, seeking a better environment for child-rearing or job opportunities are seen as factors behind the steady rise of Japanese living abroad. Commenting for a Japan Times article (2 February 2023) on why more than 60% of those are women, DIJ sociologist Barbara Holthus explains that women tend to be more open to experiencing a life overseas. In addition, Japan’s gender gap and the pursuit of work-life balance are also behind their choices. “The opportunity costs in Japan are still very high. You still can’t have it all. You can’t have a career and a fulfilling marriage and kids”.