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Collaborating Partner

(for the Japan part)

Prof. em. Dr. Gerd Naegele
Institute for Gerontology, TU Dortmund

ACCESS - Inclusion of senior citizens in a digitalizing world

プロジェクト期間: 2018〜

The DIJ participates in the EU funded project "Supporting digital literacy and appropriation of ICT by senior citizens" ( The project explores how the use of digital media can support the independent living of senior citizens and contribute to their social inclusion. It also analyses public policies and private initiatives aiming at promoting the use of digital media among the elderly. Japan's experience is of particular importance here, as the country not only has a highly developed digital infrastructure, but also the highest proportion of older people in the world.

The project, which includes European partners from the University of Vienna (Austria), the University of Siegen (Germany), the Research Association for Gerontology (Germany), the University of Eastern Finland (Finland), the Institute on Health and Science of Ageing (Italy), is part of the EU Joint Programming Initiative "More Years, Better Lives". As an external partner, the DIJ is funding and guiding a doctoral student as part of its fellowship programme, and coordinating the collaboration with Japanese researchers.