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Collaborating Partner

(for the Japan part)

Prof. em. Dr. Gerd Naegele
Institute for Gerontology, TU Dortmund

ACCESS - Inclusion of senior citizens in a digitalizing world

 January 2018 - December 2021

With this research the DIJ participates as an external partner in the EU funded project "Supporting digital literacy and appropriation of ICT by senior citizens".

Japan is facing fast population ageing. The Japanese situation today is often referred to as other countries' situation tomorrow, in terms of a high ratio of elderly people and of people in need of elderly care. In many rural areas, the elderly have to look after the very old. Recent policies address IT solutions as a means to support the inclusion, well-being and independent living of senior citizens in accustomed local surroundings. Our research will evaluate the so far taken measures and their impact.

Key research questions are:
• Which IT-based solutions can effectively support the independent living of senior citizens in their accustomed local surroundings?
• What public policies are available and used to promote IT-based solutions?
• Which (co-)financing models can support the spread of IT-based solutions?
• How can IT based solutions be integrated into the specific social structures of families and neighbourhoods at the local community level?

The project will apply the following methods: Literature review, case studies in selected municipalities, qualitative interviews (with experts, policymakers at national and local levels, service providers and care managers).

Recent Publications

Waldenberger, Franz, Kärnä, Eija, Aavikko, Lotta, Rohner, Rebekka, Gallistl, Vera, Pihlainen, Kaisa, Müller, Claudia, Ehlers, Anja, Bevilacqua, Roberta, Strano, Stefano, Maranesi, Elvira, Cerna, Katarina, Hengel, Lisa, Kolland, Franz, Naegele, Gerd, Park, Sieun, Hess, Moritz, Reuter, Verena, Frewer-Graumann, Susanne & Korjonen-Kuusipuro, Kristiina (2022). "A Multilevel Model of Older Adultsʼ Appropriation of ICT and Acquisition of Digital Literacy". International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19 (23) (pp. 1-14). LINK


Sieun Park (until January 2021)
Phd Student