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Sustainability and Resilience

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    Sustainability and Resilience

    Research focus since October 2022

    Head of research group: Markus Heckel

    Sustainability and resilience lie at the heart of any long-term strategy. Whereas sustainability is concerned with the intertemporal allocation of scarce resources, resilience focuses on the ability to cope with adverse events.

    Projects in this research cluster include analyses of developments and events that put sustainability and resilience in Japan at risk, such as fiscal debt, ageing and population decline, climate change, pandemic diseases or natural disasters, as well as studies on how and to what extent sustainability and resilience are conceived, pursued and achieved. The level of analysis may range from the individual, families, communities, organizations and to Japan as a whole. The research designs include historic, comparative and transnational perspectives.

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    Completed Projects

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    Local Issues Take Stage – Culture and Community Revitalization

    The Risks and Opportunities of the ‘Hyper-Solo-Society’. (Re)Mapping Intimacy – Spatial Perspectives on Personal Relationships in Contemporary Japan

    Recent Publications

    Waldenberger, Franz & Ovsiannikov, Kostiantyn (2023). "Japans Gemeinden im demographischen Wandel: Eine quantitative Betrachtung". In: Chiavacci, David & Wieczorek, Iris (Eds.), Japan 2023: Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (pp. 104-143). Iudicium. (Jahrbuch der Vereinigung für sozialwissenschaftliche Japanforschung). LINK