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Focus of Research

Challenges of Demographic Change

Great East Japan Earthquake

Happiness in Japan: Continuities and Discontinuities

Japan in Asia

Previous Research

“A Happy Person”: A Japanese-German Comparison of Factors of Life Satisfaction

Adult Guardianship in Japan

Advertising to the Silver Market in Japan

Assertions of Cultural Uniqueness in Asia

Childcare and Work-Life Balance in Low Fertility Japan

Civil Society and Population Ageing in Japan

Collective Internationalization Strategies - German-Japanese Business Cooperation in Third Markets

Communication between staff and residents in a Japanese nursing home for the elderly

Comparatively Happy – Objective Precarity and Subjective Exclusion in Germany and Japan

Comparing Corporate Governance Systems

Competitive Conditions

Competitiveness of Japan's Economy for the Future

Consumption and economic sustainability after March 11

Corporate Governance in High-Growth Companies - A Comparative Study on Biotechnology Enterprises in Germany and Japan

Demographic Change and its Regional Implications for Municipalities in Rural and Urban Areas

Die Diskussion um die Änderung der japanischen Verfassung und der Kriegsverzichtsartikel (Artikel 9)

Die Zulassung der weiblichen Thronfolge in Japan

DIJ Bandō Collection - Virtual Exhibition and Catalogue

DIJ Comprehensive Japanese-German Dictionary

Employment of the Elderly, the Ageing Workforce and HRM

Enterprises and Management

Entrepreneurship and Employment in Demographically Ageing Societies

Environmental Movements in Germany and Japan

Fertility and Social Stratification

Generational Conflict and Social Disparities behind Japan’s Low Fertility Society

German-Japanese Relations

Germany and Japan in Comparative Studies

Geschichtstheorien der Historischen Frauenforschung

Glossary of Demography

Housing and living arrangements in Japan's ageing society

How to make voters happy? The promise of happiness by Japan’s political parties between continuities and discontinuities

Images of the Nation: Gender, Race, and Culture in Women’s

Imaging the Lost Generation: Representations of Japan’s “Unequal Society” in Popular Culture Media

Innovation Strategies and Technology Policy

International HRM: Expatriate Selection, Training, Assistance and Repatriation Strategies on International Assignments to Japan

Japan and China - Strategic Management in a Dynamic Environment

Jüngste Arbeitsmarktreformen in Deutschland – Mögliche Lehren für Japan

Knowledge Society and Demographic Change in Japan

Letters from Japan by a German Geographer: Johannes Justus Rein, 1873–1875

Life Course Changes in Contemporary Japanese Society: A Study of Single Working Women in Tokyo

Management of Cross-Cultural Cooperative Ventures: On the Relationship between Trust, Control, Problem-Solving Strategies and Success

Marital Happiness and Discord: Discourses in Japanese Women’s Magazines

Migration and Integration in Japan

Negotiating Nuclear Disaster: Cultural Representations of “Fukushima”

Older people’s housing situation and future prospects in the Tōhoku region

Parental Well-Being - Germany and Japan in Comparison

Political participation and happiness: The public-private divide and its implication for gender equality

Political participation and well-being: A case study of political activists after 3/11

Political Responses to Low Fertility in Japan

Politics and the Internet