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Research projects

Aging in Japan: Domestic Healthcare Technologies in Place

Business and Management Environment of Technology Intensive Startups in the Far East (a collaborative research by universities in Japan, PR-China, and ROK with the German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ))

Discussions of Diversity in Fiction and the Media - Work and the Workplace in the Context of Alternative Concepts of Life

Economic Discourses of Monetary Policy – The Case of the Bank of Japan

Effective Multinational Teamwork in the Japanese Context (EMTJ Study)

Energy Transition and Energy Democracy in Japan – Local Strategies vs. National Policies

Fishing communities between growth and demise

Global Dimensions of the First World War and the Interwar Period in East Asia

Handbook project Studying Japan: Research Designs, Fieldwork and Methods

Happily Different? On Happiness and Norm Deviation in Japan

Happiness and Unhappiness in Bioethical Questions: Decision Making for Organ Donation and Organ Transplantation in Germany and in Japan

Happiness in Japan before and after 3/11: An economic approach

Harvesting State Support – Endogenous Institutional Change and the Role of the “Local” in Japan’s Agricultural Support and Protection Regime

History Politics in East Asia

Industrial Trainees from China and Vietnam in Japan: An Entry Point into the Key Issues of International Labour Migration and Skill Transfer

Integrating a global workforce - Japanese approaches to global HR

Japan through the lens of the Tokyo Olympics

Japan's economic challenges ahead - Abenomics and beyond

Japan’s “blue economies”? Japanese firms in the restructuring of the global seafood trade

Listening to the Community: Grassroots Mental Healthcare in Local Communities

Local Issues Take Stage – Culture and Community Revitalization

Mapping Local Climate Action (LCA) / Kartierung des lokalen Klimaschutzes in Japan

Parental well-being in the rural periphery of Germany and Japan: Choices, challenges, and considerations

Parents against Radiation. A case study

Political Participation and Happiness in Japan

Political Participation and Happiness in Japanese Community Groups

Privatisation and diversification in the Japanese welfare state: Toward a new safety net through regulation?

Risiken und Chancen politischer Partizipation in Japan

Socio-political discourse on happiness in Imperial Japan: Towards a historical contextualization of the Japanese concept of happiness

Start-ups in Asia – the role of agglomerations and international linkages

Technical Innovation and Research Collaboration / Clusters: Biomedical Engineering in Japan

Temporäre internationale Arbeitsmigration und lokaler Arbeitsmarkt in Japan am Beispiel des Technical Intern Training Program

The meaning of local community for happiness and selfhood

The political consequences of employment diversification in Japan

The political regulation of minimum wages in Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom

The Risks and Opportunities of the ‘Hyper-Solo-Society’. (Re)Mapping Intimacy – Spatial Perspectives on Personal Relationships in Contemporary Japan

What is the "local"? - Rethinking the politics of subnational spaces in Japan