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German Institute for Japanese Studies

Research focused on modern Japan, in global and regional perspectives. Located in one of the important economic and political hubs of East Asia, Tokyo.

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Fully reserve backed money – a solution to Japan’s fiscal and monetary challenges

The paper argues that Japan’s legislators should use this window of opportunity to introduce 100% de jure reserve requirements for transfer deposits.

Such a move would not only take advantage of the benefits propagated by supporters of a reserve-backed regime. The implied BoJ’s balance sheet expansion would allow the Bank to further purchase JGBs. As the expansion would be permanent, the regime shift would not only stabilize the government’s fiscal condition, the BoJ, too, would no longer have to worry about exiting its policy of quantitative easing. Both the government and the central bank could focus on their primary policy goals.


Contemporary Japan 28, No. 2

Contemporary Japan is an international peer-reviewed journal edited by the German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo (DIJ) and published biannually by de Gruyter, Berlin and New York.

Contemporary Japan publishes in-depth, original work from all disciplines as they relate to present-day Japan or its recent historical development.


High-tech Start-up Ecosystems in East Asian Agglomerations: Are They Different From the West?

WP_16_1_cover.jpgStart-up ecosystems within regional agglomerations have been intensively studied in Western countries, but much less in East Asia. Therefore, little is known about the specific features of East Asian start-up ecosystems.

We study the high-tech start-up ecosystems within four leading East Asian agglomerations: Tokyo, Seoul, Suzhou and Chongqing.


DIJ Newsletter 53, April 2016

dij-nl53-screenshotThe Newsletter, which since June 1997 appears two times a year in German and English, contains information about DIJ research projects, events and publications.


Bulletin 36, 2016

Das im Frühjahr 2016 erschienene Bulletin informiert ausführlich über die Aktivitäten des Deutschen Instituts für Japanstudien im vergangenen Jahr (2015).

Diese auf deutsch herausgegebene Publikation kann direkt beim DIJ in Tokyo bezogen werden.


Contemporary Japan 28, No. 1
Ethnographies of Hope in Contemporary Japan

In this issue, contributors consider feelings, perceptions, and narratives of hope and hopelessness in Japan: tracing, as it were, the work of hope.

Hope (kibō) in this context can be understood as at once a disposition, a tool, and a collective resource. People may actively seek out or attempt to foster hope; but hope is also, at times, felt as external: bestowed upon some and not others. That is to say, hope can be situational. Both fostered hope and situational hope can have an impact on people’s actions, but it is the latter that highlights the significance of the “independent action of hope in the world” (Reed 2011: 533). The contributions to this issue, in this sense, enlarge our understanding of what hope does.


Adoption of Corporate Social Resposibility by Japanese Companies

mono58_cover.jpg Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a topical issue in many countries. What are the drivers for the global spread of explicit CSR- practices that are demonstrated to the outside- even in countries where companies had addressed CSR implicitly? What catalyzes organizations to adopt CSR and how does their adoption influence other companies’ likelihood to adopt CSR? This book approaches the recent world-wide adoption of CSR practices as part of the global spread of management concepts.


Research on the Corporate Governance of Listed Stock Companies in Japan.

WP1502_Waldenberger_cover.png2015, Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien / Stiftung D.G.I.A., Tokyo, 29 p.

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July 26, 2017
  • Workshop
    14:00 ~ 17:00

    "The Development of (Social) Robots for Health Care Scenarios: Hopes, Concerns and Limits"

September 21, 2017
  • Foundation Conference 2017
    ~ September 23, 2017

    "Revolutionary Biographies in the 19th and 20th Century. Imperial – Inter/national – Decolonial"

Call for Papers

Contemporary Japan
Issue 30, No. 1

Max Weber Foundation
Conference 2017

German Historical Institute, Moscow
“Revolutionary Biographies in the 19th and 20th Century. Imperial – Inter/national – Decolonial”


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