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Carolin Fleischer-Heininger

Carolin Fleischer-Heininger
Literary Studies, Disability Studies
Since October 2023

Carolin Fleischer-Heininger joined the German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ) in Tokyo as a Senior Research Fellow in October 2023.

She holds a master’s degree in theater studies from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), where she also completed her PhD in Japanese studies with a dissertation on constructions of post-war Japan in literary, dramatic and cinematic works by Terayama Shūji. She received doctoral research grants from the DIJ and the DFG. Before joining the DIJ, she worked as a research associate at LMU’s Japan Center.

Her research focuses on literature and culture in Japan since the post-war period. She is particularly interested in notions of socio-cultural difference as well as in modernization and globalization as an individual experience.

At the DIJ, she works on representations of disabilities in contemporary Japanese literature.

Current DIJ Projects

Publication project: Cultural translation in Japanese literature

Representations of Disabilities in Contemporary Japanese Literature

Recent Publications

Fleischer-Heininger, Carolin (2024). "Zur Repräsentation von Autismus in Konbini ningen (2016) von Murata Sayaka: Relektüre aus Perspektive der Disability Studies". Bunron (2023), 10. LINK