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Franz Waldenberger

Franz Waldenberger
Economics and Business
Since October 2014

My research on the Japanese economy began 1992, when I joined the DIJ as a senior research fellow. During my five years with the institute, I worked on Japanese industrial organisation, the employment system and the financial system. During that time I also completed my habilitation thesis – a prerequisite for becoming a German professor – on “The organisation and evolution of division of labour – insights from Japanese economic development” (in German). In 1997, I left the DIJ to take over a professorship for Japanese economy at Munich University. Since then I have extended my area of research on the Japanese economy to include corporate governance, Japan’s international economic relations and, most recently, fiscal and monetary policy. I am very happy to return to my former place of work. I am thankful to Munich University for generously granting me leave.

Current DIJ Projects

The Political Economy of Carbon Pricing and Green Finance. Comparing the EU and Japanese Discourses and Policy Approaches

The Digital Transformation of Science

Publication Project: Ageing and Elderly Care in German and Japanese Communities

The Future of the Financial System in the Digital Age

COVID-19: Japan’s handling of a new challenge in international comparison

Japan's economic challenges ahead - Abenomics and beyond

Integrating a global workforce - Japanese approaches to global HR

Start-ups in Asia – the role of agglomerations and international linkages

Completed DIJ Projects

Use of robotic systems in nursing care in Japan with a view to increasing demand for skilled workers

Comparing Comparisons

ACCESS - Inclusion of senior citizens in a digitalizing world

Effective Multinational Teamwork in the Japanese Context (EMTJ Study)