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December 9, 2021

Conference on German-East Asian entanglements in Social Sciences

© Chalothorn Muangviroj

At the end of the nineteenth century, Germany was widely recognized as the premier place to study political economy, law, and social sciences as summarized under the term Sozialwissenschaften. With its relatively state-centric perspectives and a tendency to grasp society in the context of the interplay of institutional, economic, and psychological factors, the German Sozialwissenschaften significantly influenced elites from the so-called “catch-up countries” such as Russia, Japan, China, and Southern Europe. As a consequence it became the standard reference for scholars from these countries, in some cases even until after World War Two. Focusing on the multinational personal links and multi-fold intellectual entanglements in the context of the globally rising theoretical quest for connections and correlations of empirical facts, this one-day online conference will reexamine the legacies and pitfalls left behind by the German Sozialwissenschaften in East Asia from historical and transnational perspectives. Details and registration here