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May 8, 2023

DIJ hosts ‘Transnational Research in a Multipolar World’ conference

Transnational research plays an essential role in global knowledge production. It also fosters mutual understanding and trust among the countries involved. This is especially true for transnational research in the social sciences and humanities, which explicitly aims at bridging and combining different national perspectives on issues of shared interest. On May 8-9, together with Sophia University Graduate School of Global Studies the DIJ will host the Max Weber Foundation conference ‘Transnational Research in a Multipolar World’ to discuss the impact of the growing geopolitical tensions on transnational research. Particular foci will be on the limitations to scientific research in autocratic regimes; the response of national research organizations and universities to these challenges; and, taking the example of gerontology and gender studies, the response of humanities and social science research to societal challenges. The second day will focus on Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Indo-Pacific to explore common topics as well as new formats of transnational research against the background of ongoing geopolitical shifts. The conference will end with a keynote speech on world history made in Japan by Iokibe Kaoru (University of Tokyo). Details and registration here