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June 1, 2023

DIJ Study Group session on ‘Diversity of Japanese Churches’

© Dunja Sharbat

Ever since the Catholic mission to Japan in the 16th century, Christianity has upheld its presence in the Japanese society. While many churches such as the Japanese Lutheran Church are still connected to Christian (missionary) organisations overseas, there are a few Japanese (indigenous) churches founded by Christian intellectuals that aimed for an independent development of Japanese Christianity without the influence of Western actors. These independent churches are known for their history, their theological and intellectual approaches to Christian ethics and society. Based on on-going fieldwork in various Japanese congregations and inspired by the material turn, this talk by Dunja Sharbat focuses on the materiality of Japanese independent churches in present-day Japan. Considering the history and current situation of these churches, she will discuss their socio-spatial arrangements and compare it to other Japanese churches in order to analyse differences and similarities in their materiality. Details and registration here

Dunja Sharbat, Ruhr-University Bochum