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Event Series
June 15, 2023

International Workshop explores holistic multispecies worldviews

© David M. Malitz

With the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/08, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the opening decades of the 21st century has already been a period of global crises. While these crises emerged out of different spheres of human activity, they have demonstrated the transnational economic, political, and social interconnectedness of human societies, as well as the connections between the human and non-human worlds, and between the realms of ideas and physical existence. The philosophical traditions of South, East, and Southeast Asia know the metaphor of Indra’s Net to express the fundamental interconnectedness and interdependence of all existence. Inspired by this frame, the workshop Caught yet blind in Indra’s Net: Reflections on Interconnected Crises in the Late Capitalist Anthropocene explores holistic multispecies worldviews and critically connects recent theoretical debates to case studies in order to advance programs for achieving social and environmental justice. Details here