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November 2, 2023

Hybrid Seminar ‘Infrastructure and the Remaking of Asia’


In the 21st century, infrastructure has undergone a seismic shift from West to East. Once concentrated in Europe and North America, global infrastructure production today is focused squarely on Asia. This hybrid seminar will introduce the open access book Infrastructure and the Remaking of Asia (University of Hawai’i Press 2023) which investigates the deeper implications of that pivot to the East. Written by leading international infrastructure experts, it demonstrates how new roads, airports, pipelines, and cables are changing Asian economies, societies, and geopolitics—from the Bosporus to Beijing, and from Indonesia to the Arctic. Ten tightly interwoven case studies powerfully illustrate infrastructure’s leading role in three global paradigm shifts: climate change, digitalization, and China’s emergence as a superpower. This event is part of the DIJ’s research partnership on Asian Infrastructures with the Asia Research Institute (ARI) at the National University of Singapore. Details and registration here