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Event Series
November 30, 2023

Online DIJ Study Group on Japan’s Economic Security Policy

Germany, which has become accustomed to cheap gas from Russia, easy market access to China and peace and stability in Europe, has experienced a rude awakening. One of the most urgent tasks now is to ensure economic security. However, it is not the USA but Japan with its advanced system of economic security that seems to be the more appropriate role model. After all, Japan’s strong industrial production base, its export orientation and its positioning between economic dependence on China and security dependence on the USA are very similar to Germany’s situation. Against this background, the question arises as to which characteristics make the Japanese system of economic security so attractive from a German perspective? And how does Japan deal with the uncertainties, dilemmas and risks that state intervention in economic decision-making processes inevitably entails? Details and registration here

Hanns Günther Hilpert, German Institute for International and Security Affairs