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    Building a Sustainable Future: Integrating Consumption, Finance, and Education

    June 10, 2024

    This workshop delved into the interconnected issues of sustainability, sustainable consumption, sustainable finance and education which collectively form a holistic approach to creating a more balanced and resilient world. Sustainable consumption encourages mindful choices to minimize waste and environmental impact, while sustainable finance directs capital toward environmentally friendly and socially responsible investments. Together, they create a powerful framework that fosters innovation, promotes responsible resource management, and drives positive social and environmental outcomes, paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future.
    The workshop brought together experts in three critical areas of sustainability (consumption, education, and finance) and practitioners actively involved in sustainability initiatives with the aim to connect recent theoretical debates with concrete case studies and to foster the development of advanced sustainability programs. The participants of the workshop also exchanged ideas on how sustainability efforts can address the pressing challenges of climate change. Additionally, the workshop established a network of scholars and practitioners dedicated to advancing sustainability. This collaborative effort is intended to enhance interdisciplinary research and promote practical strategies that can be implemented across various sectors.


    14:00               Welcome Remarks
    Markus HECKEL (German Institute for Japanese Studies)
    Laura BLECKEN (German Center for Research and Innovation Tokyo, DWIH)

    14:15               Sustainable Consumption
    Chair: Shinji HASEGAWA (Waseda University)

    Sustainable Consumption of Young People in Japan and Germany: Behaviour and Influencing Factors
    Carsten HERBES (University Nurtingen-Geislingen)

    The Use of Carbon Footprints toward Collaborative Visioning of Sustainable Lifestyles and Resilient Livelihoods in Japan
    Atsushi WATABE (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, IGES)

    Sustainable Consumption and Investment in National Accounting
    Rintaro YAMAGUCHI (National Institute for Environmental Studies, NIES)

    15:45               Education, Corporate Sustainability, and Sustainable Finance
    Chair: Carsten HERBES (University Nuertingen-Geislingen)

    Connecting Corporate Sustainability and Sustainable Finance
    Emi ONOZUKA (Director of Future Design Initiative by Science and Finance, FDSF)

    Education for Sustainable Finance: Policy Implications from Japanese Practices
    Jutaro KANEKO (Hakuoh University)

    16:45               Coffee Break

    17:00               Climate Bonds and Sustainable Finance
    Chair: Markus HECKEL

    The Climate Bonds Initiative: Theory of Change and Approach
    Maiko MORISHITA (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, IGES and Climate Bonds Initiative)

    Sustainable Finance: Initiatives Taken by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
    Hiromi YAMAOKA (Chief Adviser for International Finance, Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

    The Global Climate Change Problem and the Role of Sustainable Finance
    Nobuyuki KINOSHITA (Advisor, Keiaistar Real Estate)

    18:30               Closing Remarks
    Markus HECKEL (German Institute for Japanese Studies)

    18:35               Buffet Reception

    20:00               End