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International Community Center, Komura Jutaro Memorial Hall. Conference Room. Nichinan City, Miyazaki, JAPAN


Russo-Japanese War Association / Komura Jutaro Association / German Institute for Japanese Studies

Centenary International Symposium on the Russo-Japanese War and the Portsmouth Peace Treaty

May 19 - May 22, 2005

 In the centennial year of the Russo-Japanese War, this conference aims at reassessing the meaning of this major event in Russian and Japanese history from a variety of viewpoints. The Russo-Japanese War was important not only for the states directly involved, Japan and Russia, but also to other international questions: its battlefield was Korea and Northeast China (Manchuria), but Western great powers were behind the scenes, and the result served as a stimulus for national movements in Asia. Studies conducted until now from the perspectives of Korea and China are not sufficient yet. Furthermore, studies in the fields of economy, public information and literature have not received enough attention.

English-Japanese Simultaneous Interpretation available

Publication: Nichirosenso kenkyu no shin shiten, ed. Nichirosenso kenkyukai, (Yokohama: Seibunsha, 2005). New Perspectives of the Russo-Japanese War: Centenary Symposium in Nichinan City in May 2005, ed. Russo-Japanese War Association, (will be published in 2006 as a report of the symposium, in Japanese and English)
Russo-Japanese War Association / Komura Jutaro Association / German Institute for Japanese Studies
Office of the Russo-Japanese War Association: Professor Inaba Chiharu, Faculty of Urban Science, Meijo University, Nijigaoka 4-3-3, Kani-shi, Gifu, 509-0261 JAPAN
Tel: 0574-69-0100   Fax:0574-69-0155  

Sponsors: Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Russian Embassy, Teikyo University, Suntory Foundation, Kyodo News Service, Miyazaki Nichinichi Shinbun, Asahi shinbun, Mainichi shinbun, Yomiuri shinbun Seibu honsha, Nihon keizai shinbun, Nishinihon shinbun, Jiji News Service, NHK Miyazaki Broadcasting Station, MRT Miyazaki Broadcasting, UMK TV Miyazaki, BTV Cable TV.

Joint Event: Centenary Exhibition on the Russo-Japanese War (As a part of “German Year in Japan”)
“European Views of the Russo-Japanese War: Lithographs, Postcards and Nishikies”
Organized by German Institute for Japanese Studies and the Russo-Japanese War Association
Date and Place: 18 May – 5 June, 2005, Matsuo no maru Residence, Obi Castle, Nichinan City
Sponsors: German Embassy, Suntory Foundation
Cooperations: Bilderbogen Galerie Neuruppin, Central Library of Shizuoka Prefecture


Day 1         May 19th (Thursday)


Opening Ceremonies and Greetings

Opening Remark

MATSUMURA Masayoshi (President of Russo-Japanese War Association)

Guests Speeches

NAKAYAMA Taro (Former Foreign Minister)
TANIGUCHI Yoshiyuki (Mayor of Nichinan City)
Florian COULMAS (Director, German Institute for Japanese Studies)
Alexandr KHOKHOEV Councilor, Russian Embassy)
EDAMURA Sumio (Former Japanese Ambassador in Russia)
Charles DOLEAC (President of US-Japan Association in Portsmouth)
ANDO Tadahiro (Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture)

Tea Break

Keynote Speech 1

The Russo-Japanese War and the Portsmouth Peace Treaty

MATSUMURA Masayoshi (President of Russo-Japanese War Association)

Keynote Speech 2

Komura Jutaro, the Anglo Japanese Alliance, and the Russo-Japanese War

Ian NISH (LSE Emeritus)

Welcome Performance (Samurai Parade and Taihei Odori National Dance)

Welcome Reception (Sponsored by Nichinan City)

Day 2         May 20th (Friday)

Panel 1 China and the Russo-Japanese War



An overview of the Japanese Consular System in China during The Russo-Japanese War

CAO Dachen (Nanjing University)

Chinese Policy of Neutrality during the Russo-Japanese War

KAWASHIMA Shin (Hokkaido University)

On the System of SHIMOSE KAYAKU in the Russo-Japanese War

Shigeki Koike (Takasaki City University of Economics)


ITO Shinya (Matsuyama University), Tatsuo Nakami (Tokyo Foreign Language University), ONO Keishi (The National Institute for Defense Studies)

Panel 2 The Origin of The Russo-Japanese War


ITO Yukio

An Origin of the Russo-Japanese War and Japanese Constitutionalism

NARAOKA Soichi (Kyoto University)

Russia’s Path to the War: Diplomatic Mistakes and Blunders of Autocracy

Igor LUKOIANOV (St.Petersburg Institute of History, RAS)

British Foreign Policy and the Origins of the Russo-Japanese War

KIMIDUKA Naotaka (Kanagawa Prefectural College of Foreign Studies)


HIRONO Yoshihiko (Osaka Gakuin University), IGUCHI Haruo(Nagoya University), Ian RUXTON (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Panel 3 Korea and the Russo-Japanese War


LEE Sung-Hwan

Russo-Japanese Diplomatic Conflicts over the Issue of Korea’s Sovereignty

SEOK Huajeong (Sejong University)

Activities of Russian Minister in Seoul before and during the Russo-Japanese War

Dmitrii PAVLOV (Moscow Technical University)

The Issue of Abolition of Extra--territoriality in Korea under Japanese Protection after the Russo-Japanese War

ASANO Toyomi (Chukyo University)


ARAKI Yoshinobu (Musashino University), KANNO Naoki (National Institute for Defense Studies), Igor SAVELIEV (Nagoya University)

Day 3         May 21st (Saturday)

Panel 4: Diplomacy and International Relations


KATO Shiro

German Policy and the Russo-Japanese War

Gerhard KREBS (Berlin Free University)

Collaboration between Japanese Intelligence and the Finnish Underground during the Russo-Japanese War: Japan and the Finnish Campaign for Independence

Olavi K.FÄLT (Oulu University)

The Russo-Japanese War and the Emergence of the Notion of a ‘Clash of Races’ in Japanese Foreign Policy

Sven SAALER (Tokyo University)


TAJIMA Nobuo (Seijo University), INABA Chiharu (Meijo University)

Panel 5: Social Phenomenon, Home Front, and Battlefield



War Support Activities in Russia during the Russo-Japanese War

TSUCHIYA Yoshihuru (Nihon University)

Deported Japanese and Japanese Prisoners of War in Siberia in 1904-1905

Vladimir DATSYSHEN (Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University)

An Official British Observer of the Russo-Japanese War, and his Diary: Aylmer Haldane

John FERRIS (Calgary University)


ICHINOSE Toshiya (National Museum of Japanese History), MIYAWAKI Noboru (Ritsumeikan University), MATSUMOTO Saho (Nagoya City University)

Panel 6 The Russo-Japanese War and Economics


HIRAI Tomoyoshi

American Money and Japan’s Victory in the Russo-Japanese War

Richard SMETHURST (University of Pittsburgh)

Japanese Companies in Manchuria after the Russo-Japanese War

ENATSU Yoshiki (Hitotsubashi University)

Japanese Government Loan Issues on the London Capital Market during the Russo-Japanese War

SUZUKI Toshio (Tohoku University)


MARUYAMA Naoki (Meiji Gakuin University), YOKOYAMA Hiroaki (Kitakyushu University), ISHIKAWA Ryota (Saga University)

Day 4         May 22nd (Sunday)

Panel 7:The Russo-Japanese War and Literature



Non-fiction publications and memoirs on the Russo-Japanese War

Alexandre KABANOV (St.Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS)

Literary Expression during the Russo-Japanese War: Voice, Gender and Colonialism

Faye Yuan KLEEMAN (University of Colorado)

Japanese Women be 'Nationalized'

IWAMI Teruyo (Reitaku University)


IKUTA Michiko (Osaka University of Foreign Studies), Yulia MIKHILOVA (Hiroshima City University), Laura INOUE (Historian)

Panel 8: The Russo-Japanese War and Ethnic Movement


KANO Tadashi

The Influence of the Russo-Japanese War to the Hungarian Politics in the Austro-Hungarian Empire

István SZERDAHELYI (Eötvös Loránd University)

The Russo-Japanese War and Intensification of Liberation Movement of the Peoples in Georgia and in Caucasus (1904–1906)

Georgi ANCHABADZE (Tbilisi Caucasian University)

The Russo-Japanese War: A Study of Its Impact on the Indian National Movement

Tilak Raj SAREEN (Indian Council of Historical Research)


HABA Kumiko (Hosei University), ITO Junji (Fukui Prefectural University), NAKAMURA Heiji (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Panel 9: The Portsmouth Peace Treaty and the Aftermath of the War



British Policy toward Russia and Germany

John CHAPMAN (Glasgow University)

Influence of the Russo-Japanese War in European History

Rotem KOWNER (Haifa University)

Japanese Diplomacy after the Russo-Japanese War

KOBAYASHI Michihiko (Kitakyushu University)


TERAMOTO Yasutoshi (Hiroshima University), SAITO Haruko (Institute of Eurasian Studies), LEE Sung-Hwan (Keimyung University)