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The presentation will be given in English. The DIJ Social Science Study Group is a forum for young scholars and Ph.D. candidates in the field of Social Sciences. As always, all are welcome to attend, but please register by May 18th with Isa Ducke

Japanese youth crime policy today

May 19, 2004 / 6.30 P.M.

Manuel Metzler, Daito Bunka Daigaku

 Since the mid-nineties, youth crime in Japan is said to be on the rise. As one of various reasons, the reportedly growing opportunities for deviant behaviour (such as telephone clubs) are frequently mentioned. Indeed, Japanese youth is equipped with more time and public spaces in which undesired behaviour may occur. How do police, justice, family courts and volunteer organisations react? To which degree do they revise their policy, e.g. creating “places to be” (ibasho) for Japanese youth? A closer view on the recent changes (enacted 2001) of then juvenile law and the “strong-but-soft” (tsuyoku yasashii) police guideline of 1996, as well as the actual activities of youth police and the affiliated volunteers shall present some answers to these questions.

Dr. Manuel Metzler has worked on prevention in Japanese middle schools and on so-called problematic juvenile behaviour in general, in a Japanese-German comparative perspective. He is currently a JSPS fellow at Daito Bunka Daigaku in Tokyo.