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9.30/10.1 2005
Meiji University
Tokyo-to Chiyoda-ku Kandasurugadai 1-1
Academy Common


10.5/10.6 2005
Kwansei Gakuin-University
〒 662-8501
Hyogo Pref., Nishinomiya, Uegahara 1-1-155

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明治大学 商学部 風間研究室気付
TEL/FAX 03-3296-2168
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9.30/10.1 and 10.5.05-10.6.05

Management: Japan and Germany

September 30 - October 6, 2005

 Exchange in the fields of economy and business administration between Japan and Germany looks back on a history of almost 100 years. This year more than 800 events are taking place all over Japan as part of the year “Germany in Japan 2005/06”.Our international symposium will be one of these events. It will focus on economy, corporate management and society, and renowned researchers in these areas have been invited to the symposium. We will question today’s business management and look at the solutions that are needed for present problems in this context. To this end, the German and the Japanese side have agreed on two main topics: “Business Strategies and Corporate Governance” and “Competition between Companies within the EU: Mergers and Acquisitions”.


• Japanese Association for Management Science (日本経営学会)
• Japanese Research Association for German Management Science (ドイツ経営学研究会)
• German Association of University Professors of Management
• German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Japan
• German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ) (Andreas Moerke)

Supported by:

• The German Embassy • Goethe Institute
• German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
• NRW Japan KK • Meiji University Liberty Academy
• Kwansei Gakuin University • EU Institute in Japan, Kansai
• Aomori Public College • Waseda University
• Keio University • Chuo University
• Senshu University • Nagoya City University
• Doshisha University • Ritsumeikan University
• Kansai University • Kobe University Graduate School of Business Administration
• Research Society on Germany • The Society for the History of Management Theories
• The Japanese Society for Management Strategies