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European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists (EAJRS)

Sources of Ryūkyūan History and Culture in Europe5th Anniversary Meeting of EAJRS

October 6, 1994


1st Session: European Contacts with the Kingdom of Ryūkyū from the 16th to the 19th Century

Knowledge and Sources on Ryūkyū in Germany and Austria

Peter Pantzer, Bonn

Dutch Encounters with the Ryūkyū Kingdom and Ryūkyū Collections in the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden

Ken Vos, Leiden

The Kingdom of Ryūkyū and its Overseas Trade (in Japanese)

Takara Kurayoshi, Naha

France and Ryūkyū: Scholarly, Governmental and Missionary

Patrick Beillevaire, Paris

2nd Session: Historical Sources from Libraries and Museums

Materials on the Ryūkyū Islands in St. Petersburg

Alexander Kabanoff, St. Petersburg

Ryūkyūan Resources in Japan and Database Projects in Progress (in Japanese)

Yokoyama Manabu, Okayama

Ryūkyūan Resources in Britain: An Introductory Survey

Yu-Ying Brown, London

Contact thought Collectibles: Scandinavia and the Ryūkyū Islands

Arne Røkkum, Oslo

3rd Session: Museum Collections of Ryūkyūan Art

Ryūkyū Lacquer Ware in Europe - Focusing on hakue Technique (in Japanese)

Arakawa Hirokazu, Tokyo

On Ryūkyūan Dyeing and Weaving Art - Focusing on the Collections at the Museum of Ethnology Berlin (in Japanese)

Shukumine Kyōko, Naha

Historical Contacts between Europe and Ryūkyū as seen through Museum Collections

Josef Kreiner

German Institute for Japanese Studies