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Tokyo: Keidanren Kaikan

The Economic Impact of Nanotechnology in the EU and Japan

September 30, 2005

 Nanotechnology is one of those fields that relate to a number of industries and other technologies – biology, biotechnology, material science and others. The economic impact of Nanotechnology cannot be judged conclusively at this point since its development has only just begun.
This symposium, the first in a row of DIJ symposia on Japan’s industries for the future, was organised in cooperation with the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and the consulting company AAIPX. About 100 people from science and industry came to the Keidanren Kaikan to listen to lectures dealing with questions on how Nanotechnology is defined, where its potentials lie, and how the knowledge gained from research is transferred to the industry.
The speakers are designated specialists in the area: Tim Harper is the founder and Executive Director of the European NanoBusiness Association, Teruyuki Nakazawa is a Corporate Executive Technical Advisor for the Innovation Center of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), and Jens Greiser is Strategic Marketing Manager of FEI Company, a maker of Nanotech tools and sponsor of the event. Hervé André Durand holds the position of Managing Director at AAIPX Ltd. and was Investment Associate of the Technology Team of UBS Capital. Billy Harkin is CEO of “Science Ventures” and the author of the article “Commercialising IP Commercialization” in the UK Patent Office’s “A Handbook of Intellectual Property Management 2004”. Hansjörg Sage is Investment Director at 3i in Munich and specialises in technology investments.


13:30 - 14:00

14:00 - 14:10
Introduction, Welcome Address

14:10 - 15:45
Part I

The Nanotech Economy
- Slides

Tim Harper, President&Founder of the ENA, CEO, Cientifica

Finding a strategy to tackle Nanotechnology
- Slides

Teruyuki Nakazawa, Chief Information Officer, Executive Technical Advisor, Innovation Center, Mitsubishi Corporation

How ‘Tools for Nanotech’ create added value and business opportunities in the nanoeconomy
- Slides

Jens Greiser, Strategic Marketing Manager, FEI Company

15:45 - 16:00
Coffee Break

16:00 - 18:00
Part II

Marketing nanotechnologies through the creation of successful start-ups: Three European showcases
- Slides

Hervé André Durand, AAIPX Ltd. Technology, Strategy & Management Consultants

Value creating IP commercialization in Nanotechnology
- Slides

Billy Harkin, CEO, Science Ventures

Nanotechnology in Germany – the investor’s perspective
- Slides

Hansjörg Sage, Investment Director, 3i Munich Office
– Unable to attend, however, the presentation is accessible –

18:30 - 20:30
Part III