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The Role of the Japanese Automobile Industry in EU Policy Networks

November 4, 1999 / 6.30 P.M.

Sabine Spell, University of Sterling

This presentation seeks to test the applicability of the policy network concept to Japanese automobile industry lobbying in the European Union in the 1990s.
Following a short overview of the theoretical and conceptional framework of this research project and of the historical background of the Japanese automobile industry’s expansion into the EU, an extensive analysis of Japanese automobile industry lobbying in the EU will be provided. Particular emphasis will be given to the different roles of and various strategies employed by its federation, JAMA, as well as by the individual manufacturers.
Based on extensive fieldwork, especially on interviews conducted in various EU member states and in Brussels with European, Japanese, and American government officials, and with representatives from the industry and interest groups, the presentation seeks to map out and analyze the type and form of network surrounding the automobile industry in the EU, in order to finally evaluate the position of the Japanese automobile industry in this network.

Sabine SPELL is a Ph.D. student at the Scottish Centre for Japanese Studies at the University of Stirling.