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Franz Waldenberger moderates digital currencies panel at virtual GoN-summit

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DIJ director Franz Waldenberger will moderate the panel “Digital Currencies – European and Japanese Initiatives” at the Group of Nations ‘Solutions through Inclusivity’ virtual summit on November 17.  Together with panelists Andrea Pinna (ECB), Jonas Gross (Frankfurt School Blockchain Center), Hiromi Yamaoka (Future Corporation), and Nobuyuki Kinoshita (Tokyo Financial Exchange), he will discuss how digital currencies are changing the future of financial systems in the digital age. The panel will introduce major findings of the open access book publication The Future of Financial Systems in the Digital Age: Perspectives from Europe and Japan, edited by Markus Heckel and Franz Waldenberger. It is forthcoming from Springer Singapore in 2022 and contains chapters by leading scholars, policymakers, and regulators from Japan and Europe, including the editors as well as panelists Jonas Gross, Hiromi Yamaoka, and Nobuyuki Kinoshita. Registration for the virtual summit is open here