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Markus Heckel

Markus Heckel
Principal Researcher
Head of research group 'Sustainability and Resilience'
Since November 2018

Markus Heckel is a Senior Research Fellow at the German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ) since November 2018. From 2012 to 2018 he has been working at the Chair for the Study of Economic Institutions, Innovation and East Asian Development at the Goethe University Frankfurt in the Department of Microeconomics and Management. He received his PhD with a study on the Bank of Japan at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Under the DIJ research program “Risks and Opportunities in Japan”, he is currently working on a research project about “Monetary Policy and Central Bank Independence”. Main research interests include macroeconomics, the political economy of central banks and labor economics.

Current DIJ Projects

Sustainable Consumption

The Political Economy of Carbon Pricing and Green Finance. Comparing the EU and Japanese Discourses and Policy Approaches

The Future of the Financial System in the Digital Age

COVID-19: Japan’s handling of a new challenge in international comparison

Economic Discourses of Monetary Policy – The Case of the Bank of Japan