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Germany and Japan in Comparative Studies

 December 1969 - February 2008

"Germany and Japan in Comparative Studies"  is projected to contribute to the theory and methodology of comparative studies. In addition, the study will also make a contribution to the understanding of the contents and the results of comparative studies concerning Germany and Japan. For different sciences different approaches are applicable concerning Japan and Germany in comparison. Which methods and theories were used in that kind of comparisons, and which contents were picked out as the central theme to produce which results. It is the aim of this study to establish a basis to judge potential (in-) consistencies between theories, methods and comparative problems. That demands spanning single disciplines. Difficulties with emic and etic approaches can be reduced through consulting a critical mass of perspectives from inside and outside and through trying to get to the bottom of underlying basic research assumptions.


Matthias Koch Matthias Koch (until February 2008)
Social and Economic History of Japan, Business History, Germany and Japan in Comparative Studies, German-Japanese Relations