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Migration and Integration in Japan

International labor migration by some politicians and economic interest groups is per-ceived to be a counter-measure to a declining workforce population. Against the back-drop of the German experience with its “guest worker system” in particular, others ar-gue that labor migration can never be implemented solely for economic purposes but makes fundamental changes in the structures of society necessary. Japan is no excep-tion to this debate. The economic pressure accompanying Japan’s demographic chan-ge has already triggered a fundamental change in Japan’s migration policy. This change is exemplified in Japan’s bilateral Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) with the Philippines and Indonesia. Both EPA pave the way for international care-giver migration and long-term settlement in Japan. With this they turn upside-down the hitherto given political guideline of “exclusively highly skilled” and “exclusively temporary” migration to Japan. This research project on migration and integration in Japan aims at studying Japan’s migration policy reform through a multilevel governance approach. In its center is a case study on international care migration to Japan.

Completed Projects

Civil Society and Population Ageing in Japan

Recent Publications

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<a target="_top" href="">"Guest Workers" for Japan?</a>
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March 11, 2009
DIJ Social Science Study Group
Civil Society Activities and the Social Integration of Immigrants: Juxtaposing Beppu and Halle

February 25, 2009
DIJ Social Science Study Group
Making Careers in the Occupational Niche: Chinese Students in Corporate Japan’s Transnational Business

January 20, 2009
International Migration in Global Governance: A Japanese Perspective

March 19, 2008
DIJ Social Science Study Group
Intercultural Synergizers or Lost in Translation? American-Japanese Coworker Relations

June 4, 2007
DIJ Social Science Study Group
“Natural Principles of Law?” Reformist Governors Redefine the Local Sphere

May 23, 2007
DIJ Social Science Study Group
Multicultural Coexistence: Japanese Roadmaps to a more inclusive and pluralistic society?

April 12, 2007
DIJ Forum
The Challenges of the Japanese Integration Policy

November 22, 2006
DIJ History & Humanities Study Group
Communication with Foreigners in Japan: A Sociolinguistic Discussion

November 12, 2007
DIJ Business & Economics Study Group
Foreigners Sell: The Case of Japanese TV Commercials

February 21, 2007
DIJ Social Science Study Group
Migration and Citizenship in Japan

May 24, 2006
DIJ Social Science Study Group
Coffee, Culture, and the Ethnicity of Migration

March 29, 2006
DIJ Social Science Study Group
Japanese Americans living in Japan: national and ethnic identity formation in the ancestral homeland

October 23, 2007
Symposia and Conferences
Migration and Integration – Japan in a Comparative Perspective


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