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Civil Society and Population Ageing in Japan

 April 2008 - April 2009

The growing relevance of civil society as a political actor in Japan is based on two points: First, members of civil society take over functions the state under the pressure of demographic change is no longer willing or able to fulfil. Members of civil society lower the costs of services, for example in elderly care, while often improving the performance. Secondly, many members of civil society in Japan are senior citizens. Their engagement in civil society activities creates significant social capital, usually on a local level. It strengthens neighbourhood ties and serves as one factor to prevent isolation of seniors. This research project through qualitative and quantitative approaches critically addresses the role of civil society in Japanese politics.

Completed Projects

Migration and Integration in Japan


March 11, 2009
DIJ Social Science Study Group
Civil Society Activities and the Social Integration of Immigrants: Juxtaposing Beppu and Halle

June 18, 2008
DIJ Social Science Study Group
Reinventing Culinary Heritage in Northern Japan: Slow Food and ‘Traditional Vegetables’

April 23, 2008
DIJ Social Science Study Group
Apron-Advocacy for the Good of the Nation State? Patterns of Political Participation among Nationalist Women in Contemporary Japan

October 23 - October 24, 2007
Symposia and Conferences
Migration and Integration – Japan in a Comparative Perspective

September 19, 2007
DIJ Social Science Study Group
The other demographic time bomb: Japan's last generation of witnesses to war and its fading message

May 31, 2007
DIJ Forum
Invisible Civil Society: The Effects of 1960s New Left Protests on Contemporary Japan

March 7, 2007
DIJ Social Science Study Group
Civic Engagement and Postwar Reconstruction in Japan

March 23, 2006
DIJ Forum
Images of Japanese society presented in the ‘New Civic Textbook’ by Tsukuru-kai. Solutions for demographic challenges and social change?

July 5, 2005
DIJ Forum
Postindustrial Pressures, Political Regime Shifts, and Social Policy Reform in Japan and South Korea


Gabriele Vogt Gabriele Vogt (until March 2018)
Political Science