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Professor Mari Yamauchi, Doshisha University

Integrating a global workforce - Japanese approaches to global HR

Human resource (HR) management is among the first business functions needed abroad when setting up a foreign subsidiary, but it will in most cases be the last function to be in-tegrated on a global scale. Multinational Japanese companies having long pursued ethno-centric and polycentric internationalization strategies are now considering global approach-es in the management of HR. The goals are to better compete for global talent and to more effectively integrate global operations. However, global HR confronts an important struc-tural barrier in Japan. The deep-rooted institution of in-house careers creates a strong do-mestic bias with regard to the recruitment and development of future corporate leaders. The project theoretically analyses the limits of Japan’s domestic system of company based careers within the context of globalization. It then empirically investigates through inter-views and case studies how Japanese companies adjust their HR system as they further globalize their business operations, drawing also comparisons from foreign companies in Japan.


Franz Waldenberger
Economics and Business

Recent publications

In-House Careers: A Core Institution of the Japanese Firm in Need of Reform
In: Journal of Strategic Management Studies, 8 (1) pp. 23 - 32.
Global Human Resource Management: The Challenge for Japanese Multinational Firms
In: Journal of Management Philosophy, 13 (2) pp. 74 - 82.