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Glossary of Demography

 February 2005 - March 2007

 Since Achille Guillard coined the term “demography” in his work „Eléments de statistique humaine ou démographie comparée“ (Paris, 1855), the world population has doubled two times in less than 150 years, and postindustrial countries like Germany and Japan are facing the comprehensive challenges of demographic change and a high median age. Matthias Koch, Claus D. Harmer, and Florian Coulmas are compiling within the scope of the project “Glossary of Demography” a trilingual glossary of terms and a web-based database that will be the biggest thesaurus in the field of demography and population sciences in each one of the three languages. The contents of the glossary will reflect the interdisciplinary character of the subject as an ancillary science that has developed rapidly. This is also evidenced by the diversity of subjects such as political demography, social demography, economic demography, paleodemography and historical demography, mathematical demography, population geography, and medical demography. The project “Glossary of Demography” is designed to take the width of this scientific field into account.


Florian Coulmas Florian Coulmas (until October 2016)
Director (2004 - 2014), Director

Matthias Koch Matthias Koch (until February 2008)
Social and Economic History of Japan, Business History, Germany and Japan in Comparative Studies, German-Japanese Relations