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Collaborating partners

Grit Braeseke, IGES Institut GmbH, Berlin
Gerhard Naegele, Institut für Gerontologie an der TU Dortmund
Nina Lingott, IGES Institut GmbH, Berlin

Use of robotic systems in nursing care in Japan with a view to increasing demand for skilled workers

 January 2019 - December 2019

As part of a study conducted by the IGES Institute, Berlin, Franz Waldenberger (Director of DIJ) and Sieun Park (Scholarship student at DIJ) investigated to what extent robotic devices were applied in elderly care in Japan, how practitioners assessed their potential and what difficulties stood in the way of the spread of the technology. Given the severe labor shortage in elderly care, these questions are of utmost importance. The study was prepared for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. An abridged version of the final report (in German) can be downloaded here.


Sieun Park (until January 2021)
Phd Student