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Joint DIJ and JDZB conference ‘Countryside Democracy in Japan and Germany’

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On the occasion of the nationwide local elections in prefectures and municipalities in Japan in April 2023, experts and political activists from Japan and Germany will discuss opportunities, trends, and challenges as well as similarities and differences between the two countries. Specifically, the conference Countryside Democracy in Japan and Germany: Trends in Political Participation will address the following questions: How does a vital democracy manifest itself in rural regions? What opportunities for co-determination and political participation exist in contrast to urban centers, especially for younger people? How is political and social participation evolving, for example through digital forms of involvement? Or do we observe an increasing “disenchantment with politics”? Participants include DIJ political scientist Sebastian Polak-Rottmann as panelist, DIJ alumnus Yosuke Buchmeier as moderator, alumna Gabriele Vogt as commentator, and deputy director Barbara Holthus. The conference is jointly organized by the DIJ and the Japanese-German Center Berlin (JDZB). It takes place online on May 11, 17-19h JST. Conference languages are German and Japanese with simultaneous interpretation. Details here