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Wiebke Grimmig

Wiebke Grimmig

Wiebke Grimmig
Cultural Anthropology
(PhD Students, April 1, 2014 - March 31, 2015)

Interests of research: Biography, Gender, Disaster, Identity, Emotion, Transformation, Social Movements


Fukushima as a turning point?  – Disaster experience and Emotion in Artist’s biographies in contemporary Japan.

Following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 3/11, people from around the world expressed their concern about the social and political consequences of this disaster.  This project is concerned with the influence of the 3/11 disaster on the very people who are preoccupied with reality and creativity: the artists of Japan.  As these artists rediscover their own work and the extent to which they can help other people during these emotionally turbulent times, they become the center of the discussion about coping with trauma.  These artists are taking part in political and social change and change in Japan.  As agents of international context, artists are leading informants for a society when it comes to getting and translating information and help to initiate discourse.  In this project, the primary concern is the significance of the 3/11 disaster on the lives and work of artists in Japanese society.