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1945 in Europe and Asia: Reconsidering the End of World War II and the Change of the World Order


1997, ISBN 3-89129-499-9, € 45,00, iudicium Verlag, Munich, 410 pp., hardcover [Order]


Krebs, Gerhard
Oberländer, Christian

1945 in Europe and Asia: Reconsidering the End of World War II and the Change of the World Order

1945 in Europe and Asia: Reconsidering the End of World War II and the Change of the World Order

Marking the passage of fifty years since the end of the Second World War, a symposium entitled “1945 in Europe and Asia – Reconsidering the End of World War II and the Change of the World Order” was held at the Japanese-German Center Berlin in 1995. It brought together twenty-one speakers to discuss events at the end of the war and subsequent developments in seventeen countries, East and West. Volume 19 of the monograph series of the German Institute for Japanese Studies provides a comprehensive account of the conference, drawing numerous parallels and elucidating historical links between the two regions of the world. It is clearly demonstrated that for all parties involved, decision-making in Europe was influenced by events in Asia, and in Asia by events in Europe.The conclusion thereby being reinforced is the oneness of European and Asian history, at least since the twentieth century.

The substance of the essays covers a broad range of historical processes, focusing more on political than military events. Occupation policy in both Germany and Japan is included, along with the influence of the Axis and Allied powers in Asia and Europe, the rise of nationalism in Southeast Asia and the resulting political and social upheavals.


Thamsook Numnonda
Thailand's Transition: From the Japanese Military Presence to SEATO

Frei, Henry
Australia and New Zealand: From Pax Britannica to Pax Americana

Kimball, Warren F.
U.S. Wartime Planning for Postwar Germany or Germany is Our Problem, Russia is Our Problem, the Economy is Our Problem

Schwartz, Thomas A.
Germany into Europe: United States Policy in Germany, 1945-1949

Henke, Klaus-Dietmar
The American Conquest of Germany

Kettenacker, Lothar
Britain's Policy towards Germany

Semirjaga, Michail
The USSR and Germany - From Military Confrontation to the Foundation of Two German States

Frank, Robert
France 1945: Between Power and Doubt

Petersen, Jens
Italy: From the End of Fascism to the Postwar Structure

Zyblikiewicz, Lubomir W.
Poland - From Liberation to the Establishment of Communist Rule

Krebs, Gerhard
Japan and Germany - From Wartime Alliance to Postwar Relations

Iokibe Makoto
American Pre-Surrender Planning, Japan's Surrender, and US Occupation Policy towards Japan

Slavinsky, Boris
The USSR and Japan: From Neutrality to War and from War to Peace

Lee Chong-Sik
The United States Policy in Korea, 1945-48

Chen Jian
China in 1945: From Anti-Japanese War to Revolution

Nish, Ian
Britain, the End of the War in Asia and the Transformation of Empire

Goto Ken'ichi
A Comparative Study of Decolonization in Indonesia and Malaya

Jose, Ricardo
The Philippines: From occupation and Japanese 'independence' to independence

Nemoto Kei
Burma - Occupation, Collaboration, Resistance and Independence

Brötel, Dieter
Indochina (Vietnam) between National Independence and Colonial Continuity (1940-54)

Vinh Sinh
Japan and Vietnam: From Wartime Occupation to Postwar Relations

Krebs, Gerhard; Oberländer, Christian
I. Introduction