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The Japanese Empire in East Asia and Its Postwar Legacy


1998, ISBN 3-89129-502-2, € 45,00, iudicium Verlag, Munich, 253 p. [Order]


Fuess, Harald

The Japanese Empire in East Asia and Its Postwar Legacy

The Japanese Empire in East Asia and Its Postwar Legacy

Eleven scholars from Europe, Asia, and the United States evaluate the historical significance of Japan’s empire in the context of an era shaped by imperialism, nationalism, modernity, and war. Eschewing simple generalizations, they explore new primary sources to present multilayered views of various aspects of Japan-East Asia interactions. The articles are grouped into three broad themes: the domestic foundations of Japanese imperialism; the workings of the Japanese empire in East Asia; and the postwar legacy of the Japanese empire. This book evolved from the conference “The Japanese Empire in East Asia and Its Postwar Legacy,” which was organized by Harald Fuess in October 1997 as part of the DIJ’s research focus “Japan in Asia.”


Schneider, Adam
The Taiwan Government-General and Prewar Japanese Economic Expansion in South China and Southeast Asia, 1900-1936

Yang, Daqing
Resurrecting the Empire? Japanese Technicians in Postwar China, 1945-49

Braddick, C. W.
In the Shadow of the Monolith: Yoshida Shigeru and Japan's China Policy During the Early Cold War Years, 1949-54

Glaubitz, Joachim
Japanese Relations in Northeast Asia: China and Soviet Interference

Duara, Prasenjit
Opening Remarks: Empire in the Age of Nationalism

Dickinson, Fred
Japan's Asia in the Politics of a New World Order, 1914-19

Szpilman , Christopher W. A.
The Dream of One Asia: Ōkawa Shūmei and Japanese Pan-Asianism

Lynn, Hyung Gu
A Comparative Study of the Tōyō Kyōkai and the Nan'yō Kyōkai

Mimura, Janis
Technocratic Visions of Empire: Technology Bureaucrats and the

Gerth, Karl G.
Consumption as Resistance: The National Products Movement and Anti-Japanese Boycotts in Modern China

Goto-Shibata, Harumi
Economic Expansionism and the Military: With Special Reference to the Japanese Community in Shanghai in 1931

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