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March 15, 2022

DIJ researchers and alumni at digital technologies and digital transformation conferences

DIJ researchers Susanne Brucksch and Harald Kümmerle as well as DIJ alumna Katharina Dalko will give talks at the conference “Digital Technologies in the COVID-19 Pandemic” (14-18 March), organized by Ruhr University Bochum. On March 15, Harald will give his paper “Contextualizing Data Practices in Japan during Covid-19 Pandemic: Local and Global Entanglements” and Susanne will give a keynote on “The Locale of Japan. Approaches to the Social Study of (Digital) Health Technologies “. On the closing day, former DIJ PhD student Katharina Dalko (University Halle-Wittenberg) will give a presentation on methods to integrate patients into participatory technology development. Details and the full programme can be accessed here. Susanne will also give a talk on “Telehealth-Networks in Japan” at the workshop “Digital Transformation in East Asia. Impacts on Economy and Society II” (18-19 March), organized by the University of Bonn. At the same conference, DIJ alumni Volker Elis and Felix Spremberg (both University of Tübingen) will give papers on ideological implications of the information society in Japan and Japanese political discourse on digitalisation, respectively. Details and programme here